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Are you stuck in depression?
Paralyzed by anxiety?
Seething with anger?

Take Charge of Your Emotions: Seven Steps to Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Anger,

by Dr. Linda J. Solie and published by Bethany House Publishers.

Whether you are challenged with significant bouts of depression or anxiety, frequent temper flairs, or only an occasional unwelcome mood, Take Charge of Your Emotions is relevant to your life!

Join Dr. Solie on the pages of her book and learn skills that offer relief from painful emotions. Dr. Solie has been developing and teaching practical cognitive/behavioral and communication skills for over thirty years.

Take Charge of Your Emotions is available through local bookstores,,,, and on Kindle and Nook.


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Dr. Solie is also available for individual, marriage, and family counseling. Please visit her "Contact" page for her office number and address. For more information on her specialities, please visit her "Counseling" page.